The entrance to Serafini's Italian Restaurant.


Dining Room

The main dining area.

Dining Room


Entrance to the Dining Room and Serafini's Cafe.


Dining Room

Another view of the main dining area.

Dining Room


Serafini's is one of Erie's oldest Italian restaurants.

It was established by Edward (Eddie) and

Assunta (Suzie) Serafini in its original location at

1708 W. Twelfth St. in 1938.  Growing beyond

its capacity, a new building was built next door at

1714 W. Twelfth St. The business was handed down

to the second generation in 1964 and owned and

operated by Anthony (Tony) and Gladys Serafini.

Due to the completion of I-79 interchange in 1979,

our third and present establishment was constructed.

After enjoying countless meals with his family

for many years and becoming friends with the

Serafini family, Richard (Dick) Carrara purchased

the restaurant in 1988.  By adding his own character

and savvy to the tradition of serving authentic

Italian-American food, Serafani's Italian Restaurant

flourished and continues to be Erie's oldest and

most-loved home-town Italian restaurant.  

We're honored to continue an Erie tradition and

look forward to serving you and your family for

many years to come with our delicious variety of

Italian-American cuisine, including many homemade

items such as fresh pastas, signature sauces,

and our much-loved Italian wedding soup!